Our Team

Our Team

Founder & CEO:


Serving others has been a lifelong mission for JJ Smith. As founder and CEO of IGOTA, JJ is serving the community and his clients every day. His self-taught computer experience began at the tender age of six. Since then he has gone on to be an entrepreneur and public speaker. JJ is Google certified and specializes in SEO (search engine optimization). Currently, his network of sites garners over 25 million visits per month.

A career serial entrepreneur, JJ has created and sold a few businesses over the years. Every venture started from scratch and grew to success under his watchful eye. JJ brings the same tenacity and dedication to each client, big or small.  He works overtime to make sure his clients are receiving the best service possible. The many testimonials posted by current and past clients edify a dedicated and committed businessman. JJ is an innovative programmer and web designer who brings his “A” game to every project.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, JJ understands the problems and setbacks of growing your business. Having a great website, reliable hosting, and an expert in your corner is possible.

We only take on clients that want the best in website and online platform development. If you want to succeed online, don’t let your website hold you back.

Website Development:

Design & Program developer for I.G.O.T.A.®

Your website and online social profiles are the first impressions your potential clients will experience. We make sure that experience reflects your business. Our website development team consists of highly qualified web developers and programmers. Every team member is dedicated to your success.

One member of this great team is Jefferis. He has extensive experience in web design, marketing education, and communication. This makes him a tremendous asset to the IGOTA team. With 20 plus years on the web as a professional, Jefferis has seen it all. Throughout the years, he has adapted his skillset and stayed on top of the changing internet landscape. His knowledge is invaluable and we are blessed to have him on the team.

Professional website development is a guarantee with IGOTA. We offer nothing less than our absolute best work. Your complete custom site will consist of:

  • Google certified programming
  • Highly effective and targeted SEO
  • Mobile optimization
  • Custom copy & graphics
  • Global branding

This is a summary list of what you will receive when you book a website package with IGOTA. Part of the site building process will include an assessment of any existing copy and the creation of new copy. Clear, effective, and engaging copy makes visitors stay on your site. The longer a visitor stays, the higher the chances that they will become a customer. The job of the website developer is to get people to your site and the copywriter keeps them there.

Writing & Creative Development:

We know that a great first impression is important to your business success. Constructing your online message and putting into the right words can feel impossible. With the IGOTA writing team, know that your message won’t get lost in the noise of the internet. We take the time to get to know you, and the nature of your business and what you are trying to achieve. You can count on us to create an insightful copy to represent your brand and mission.

We maintain an in-house writing team to ensure quality and client access to all content. Many companies will outsource this side of web-building. We believe that working together is the best way to build a successful brand.

With an in-house writing team, you have a dedicated team of writers working round the clock to create your content. This means we meet deadlines across the board, without sacrificing quality. Writing services are available with a full website package purchase and for existing clients.

Recently published sites with IGOTA Copy:

Even great copy can fall flat without dynamic graphics to complement and enhance your message. This is why IGOTA includes custom graphics with site packages. Our three-pronged approach of a custom website (SEO), copy, & graphics; gives you the best chance of being seen and increasing your bottom line.

Graphic Development:

An equally important part of your online presence is graphics. Our in-house graphics development team works in tandem with the writing team to ensure consistency and compatibility. We create graphics based on your branding and design. Using your brand, we customize graphics for each social media platform as well as your website. This means custom graphics for your website, Facebook page, Instagram, and more.

Recent Client:

Double R Diesel

Our family of forums features custom graphics for each platform. Each of our posts on any platform is easily recognizable. One glance and you know exactly whose post you are looking at, without reading the profile name. This is brand recognition at its best. The know, like, & trust factor happens almost effortlessly with clearly branded content and consistent delivery.



Graphic development is available with full website packages. We never build sites or brands halfway. Our mission is to position your online platform to make money. We are happy to show you how our clients are turning a profit with their IGOTA sites, just ask.